Amidst the pandemic and ceaseless rising of new Covid-19 cases everyday, government decided to impose MCO (Movement Control Order) which had already begun on 18th March 2020. Millions of people have been affected financially, psychologically and socially.

To date, Malaysia has reached above 60 death cases related to Covid-19. We have to obey to all these measures as suggested by the federal government because of the need to ‘flatten the curve’. The aim is not only to lessen the number of cases and ‘avoid’ deaths, but we are helping and avoiding all possibilities to more disastrous calamities. According to Bank Negara Malaysia, even if MCO is being lifted up, we will have to bear the ongoing recession for at least 8 months (until 2021). That is the shortest period which analysts had predicted for the economy to fully recover. It does not only affects health and lives, it affects our psychological being and causes financial instability.

This non-stopping events of natural (or man-made) calamities should be more than enough to remind us about death and Yaumul Qiyamah (Day of Resurrection). There are many surahs in Quran that Allah keep reminding us about these two things and one of them is Surah al Qiyamah. According to a respected as Syahid Syed Qutb from his well elaborate tadabbur of this chapter, one of the theme pictured in this Surah is Death. Death is so certain that when it occurs, humans will simply submit without questioning or ‘appeal’ for deferment. Death will welcome you even if you’re from T20 or B40 group. We’ll be 6 feet under with white cloth wrapping our bodies (clue: white cloth is not itik) and that is certainty.

Allah did mention people who questioned incredulously, “When is the Day of Resurrection?” (75:6) . Syed Qutb explained that from humans’ existence has sufficiently made evident the truth of Yaumul Qiyamah. How? People may refute the accuracy of one’s religion or some people even chose not to believe in any at all. However, we do share the same argument about how we come to existence. Starting from an egg to blastocyst to fetus to embryo –

“Then he was a clinging clot, and [ Allah ] created [his form] and proportioned [him]” (75:38).

Our beginning was ironically narrated at the last part of the surah. Humans agree and believe that the process of human development is intricate and perfect therefore to throw claim such that it happened coincidentally is so…simplistic. So…simple-minded.

The intricacy and uniformity of each human development is an irrefutable evidence of the presence of the One God. Through this careful planning and death welcomes all humans – which of course we do not just stupidly exist for ‘YOLO’ or we live just to die?

“Does man think that he will be left neglected?” (75:36)

Every man’s deed will be held accountable and it will be accumulated to somewhere. The question is where? By whom?

Like how we’re being graded for every assessment throughout our academic years. Say, someone who was enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree programme, he will be tested and finally he reached the end of his academic year – his grades will be cumulated and averaged. He would soon be graduated to a class worthy of his CGPA and he’ll receive a scroll. Voila! He’s now a qualified person to practice his field.

If the student’s grades were graded as a prove to his qualification and his big event would be during his graduation day. Then humans’ deeds will accumulated to where? Till when? Who will assess? When is this big day?

It’s the Day of Resurrection.

It’s the Day that our deeds will be assessed in scrutiny. When the Day finally came and humans are unprepared:-

“So when vision is dazzled”

“And the moon darkens”

“And the sun and the moon are joined,”

“Man will say on that Day, “Where is the [place of] escape?”

“No! There is no refuge.”

“To your Lord, that Day, is the [place of] permanence.”


It’s the only day when humans would scatter around like moths and would want to seek for refuge. It is not like Covid-19 pandemic that we could stay at home, just stay away from this calamity and we’ll be safe. But when the Great Calamity came, even your house would no longer be a safe shelter. You’d probably run out of your house to seek for a better shelter but you would never ever find it..

During this pandemic, we have so many free time and this free time has unveiled who we really are. When we sit in our homes, no jobs, no friends, no outdoor activities. It is just us and our nearest responsibilities; our body, families and time.

Probably some of you do not have any ideas of what to fill in during this MCO. Well, since our humble guest is coming (yes, I’m talking about Ramadhan) we can kill two birds with one stone. Set our habits right and be prepared for our guest! Start easy like, memorise two verses each day or tadarus with your family or you can start slow with the sunna fasting. It is a perfect timing for you to reset your habits with your family (you’re doing indirect da’wah too btw). Persevere with your goals and actions, make it as the new norm. SubhanaAllah. May Allah pour His Rahmah to all of us.

InshaaAllah kheir, let’s make the best use of this time to compensate all the deeds that we could have done before – do it now! Time waits for no man and Death awaits us all.

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